tohu va bohu

More and More Worked Up

If we are becoming more and more like the Triune God we worship then we will find ourselves becoming more and more worked up and not more and more calmed down. This isn’t a denial of our growth in godly patience but an affirmation that we will also be growing in godly passions.

God is passionate but always in the right direction and always with the appropriate speed. God’s heart never pulls Him into the ditch like young men with youthful passions. Instead, His affections are mature, perfect, and lively.

God loves righteousness. He cannot help but be this way. He is drawn toward and delights in what is right (Psalm 45:6-7). Are we? Do we love righteousness? And do we hate sin and disobedience and lies and hypocrites and haughty looks? God hates all those things (Proverbs 6:16-19). He passionately condemns them all.

As a nation our passions run the wrong way. We love the things that God hates and we hate what He loves. We take up opposite affections and fight against the way of righteousness. We drink and eat and download and spend and travel and more as we attempt to fill our hearts with what only He can provide.

As Christians we often find it easier to be indifferent and cynical and lukewarm. But our indifference is lazy affection which means that we’re not even obeying the first and greatest commandment to love God with all of our hearts and souls and minds and strength.

There is no less apathetic being in the universe than God. He is never numb, nor does He ever seek to anesthetize strong affections. He calls us to be like Him and this requires our hearts to be fully engaged. We are not more godly when our affections are more suppressed.

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